Bluegrass and Fine Fescue Offering

  • Short cut elite varieties offered
  • Higher cut improved varieties offered
  • Patience required for establishement
  • Sod Grower Quality seed offered based on availablilty

Blue Magic Kentucky Bluegrass Blend

  • Custom blend of “Short Cut” or “Regular Cut” varieties
  • Improved traffic tolerance in short cut blend
  • Varieties chosen for early green up and high summer and fall performance
  • Improved disease tolerance
  • Patience required for germination and fill in

Krypton Kentucky Bluegrass

  • Early/mid spring greeup
  • Good wear tolerance
  • Good leaf spot tolerance
  • Deep blue green color
  • Ability for shorter cutting heights
  • Top third turf performance in private trials

Washington Kentucky Bluegrass

  • An aggressive Kentucky bluegrass classification
  • Faster germination for bluegrass, 12-17 days
  • Early green up in spring and aggressive lateral growth
  • Short cut ability in golf and sports turf
  • Great sod knitting for sports and sod production
  • Tolerant to summer patch and leaf spot diseases

Pivot Kentucky Bluegrass

  • New in NTEP for 2016
  • Darker blue green color
  • Top third performance in initial testing
  • Nice summer active performaer

Babe Kentucky Bluegrass

  • New NTEP 2016 entry
  • Early spring greenup
  • Medium dark green color
  • Leaf spot, Dollar spot, and rust resistant
  • Summer patch resistant
  • Shamrock x Midnight cross

Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass

  • The original compact Midnight type bluegrass classification variety
  • Later spring green up and earlier green down
  • Deep blue green summer color
  • Likes full sun and full maintenance programs
  • Short cut ability to 1/2 inch heights for sports turf, golf fairways and tees
  • On MD/VA approved list for sod certification

Baron Kentucky Bluegrass

  • Classified as one of the original BVMG type bluegrasses
  • Larger seeded economical variety
  • Good mixer with other bluegrass types to offer genetic diversity
  • Likes a higher cut of over 1 inch
  • Very good performance in high or lower fertility

Laser Poa Trivialis

  • Likes shady and wet conditions in permanent or temporary turf
  • Short cut ability on golf greens in dormant bermudagrass overseeding
  • Lighter green color for contrasting turf canopy
  • Tends to go summer dormant and check out in heat and dry summer temperatures

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