Fine Fescues

Festuca rubra, Festuca trachyphylla

Fine Fescue Offering

  • High NTEP performing fine fescues
  • Low maintenance and low fertility requirements
  • Shade loving group of turf grasses
  • Mixes well with other cool season grass


  • Better seed to soil contact
  • Increased establishment rate
  • Better water retention in adverse situations
  • Enhanced nutrition for establishment
  • Visible application for all to see
  • Use the same seed rate as normal

Zodiac Chewings Fescue

  • #1 NTEP chewings fescue in Turf Quality NTEP 2004-2008
  • Short cut ability to 1/2 inch fairway or collar height in golf turf
  • Used in “No Mow” mixes where one or two yearly mowings suffice in a meadow
  • High endophyte for insect and summer stress tolerance
  • Improved color, texture and vigor
  • Excellent turf performer in shady and full sun turf

Edgewood Strong Creeping Red Fescue

  • Marked improvements over common, Boreal or Pennlawn variety
  • Great in shade and low maintenance
  • Improved turf quality and performance
  • New technology in plant breeding
  • Better summer performance than standard varieties

Sword Hard Fescue

  • Persists in shade and hotter conditions
  • Improved persistence in warm humid climates
  • Used in “No Mow” mixes where one or two mowings suffice in a meadow
  • Endophyte added for insect and stress tolerance
  • Great for links effect golf course roughs, roadsides, slopes, and out of bounds areas

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